Super Fun Painting Ways for Kids to Try

Painting is a fun way for kids to let them explore the creative process and express themselves. At the same time it is the perfect messy fun for children and makes for ideal sensory play. And sensory play can help kids develop fine motor skills, build language and calm emotions. So if you are looking for some interesting painting activities for kids, then you and your kids could read these creative painting ways. Next, please put on old clothes, cover the table and crack open the paint pots…

1. Salt, Glue and Watercolors Are All That’s Needed For a Fun Salt Painting:

See the Instructions at:   &

2. Attach the Balloons with Thumbtacks on The Canvas, Then Throw Darts to Make a Colorful Splattered Painting:

The first step you should pour a small amount of washable paint into the balloon.

Get the Instructions here:

3. Craft a Newspaper Skyline:

Collage newspaper building onto a sky blue background, then layers of transparent tinted acrylic paints were added.

Image Source:

4. Use Crumpled Wax Paper, Iron and Watercolors to Make a Painting Project Called “Wax Paper Resist”:

Get the Instructions here:

5. Grab Some Paint and Have Your Kids Add Their Thumbprints to Create the Dandelion Painting:

Download Free Template Printable here.    Get the video instructions here:

6. This is a classic messy art project. Children can observe colors blend and different tracks by painting with trucks:

Get the Instructions here:

7. Pendulum Painting is an Interesting Combination of Science and Art; Through this Activity, Kids Can Get Their Wonderful Paintings:

Get the Instructions here:  &

8. Create A LEGO Block Painting:

Get the more details at:

9. Make Vibrantly Colored Prints with Rolling Pins and Yarn:

See the Instructions here:

10. Christmas Light Chalk Stencil Painting:

Get the full Instructions here:

11. Use an Toilet Paper Tube to Make Awesome Firework Painting:

See the Instructions here:

12. Wrapped Yarn Resist Birch Tree Paintings for Every Season:

Get the Full Instructions Here:

13. Roll Over the Rainbow Paint With a Rolling Pin:

Image Source:

14. Bubble Painting with Bubble Blowers:

Get the Instructions here:   &

15. Dandelion Painting Created With Toilet Paper Roll, Cotton Swab and Watercolor:

Get the Video Instructions here:

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