Easy and Fun-To-Make Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

With the cold weather comes, the atmosphere of the festival is getting thicker. We all adore celebrations, especially children. We suggest that get your kids involved in helping make your home festive this Thanksgiving. Making easy and fun crafts is the best way for children to participate in festivals. In the past, when my children bring Thanksgiving crafts home from school, I will hang them on the refrigerator to decorate our home. Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect time to get crafty with kids. At that time, they will express their creativity and have fun entertaining themselves. Here, we present you a various craft ideas for your little crafters that are so simple and easy. These fun and festive crafts are perfect for the kiddos as they are not only give your children some fun, but they help to fill up those hours when it’s just too cold to go outside.

1. Paper hand + feathers + clothes pins, the result is Hand Gobbler:

Source: katherinemariephotography.com

2. Fun candy turkey made from large, small gumdrops and toothpicks(kids will get a fun exercise in learning colors.):

Get the instruction at: celesterockwood-jones.typepad.com

3. Cut out paper hands and write what you are thankful for on them, and then glue them on a paper plate to get a cute thanksgiving wreath:

Check out more details at: domesticwonder.wordpress.com

4. Teach your kids the importance of being thankful with this Thankful Tree:

See the full tutorial for bottom project at: digitalmomblog.com The top picture sourece: projectsforpreschoolers.com

Or draw a leafless tree on a large piece of butcher paper and affixed it to the wall; Kids can write what they are thankful for on each leaf:

See the more details at: bargainbound.blogspot.com

5. Fill a latex glove with cereal to make a fun turkey craft:

Find the how-to at: momitforward.com

6. Collect some dried and pressed leaves to make a few fun turkeys for Thanksgiving:

Get the tutorial at: babycenter.com and bombshellbling.com

7. Play with the decorating clothespin turkey tags:

Check the more details at: lets-get-together.com

8. Paper bags can be made into a variety of interesting Thanksgiving crafts, such as Paper Bag Tepees, Paper Bag Scarecrow and Paper Bag Turkey:

Source: youngschoolart.blogspot.com The bottom project tutorial here: sunshinewhispers.com

9. Lovely indian corns simply crafted from fall sixlets, pretzel bags and kraft wrapping paper:

See the full instructions here: shakentogetherlife.com

10. Make these cute paper roll turkeys as table placecards:

Get the full tutorial here: funlittles.com

11. Tape a couple of sticks on the inside of paper plate, then curle the ends of paper plate together to get a cute tepee:

Source: fantasticfunandlearning.com

12. Sweatshirt Turkey with Hand and Footprints:

Find the more details here: hubpages.com

13. This fun turkey bag with paper balls will let kids keep busy all the holiday:

Check out the full instruction here: kidfriendlythingstodo.com

14. Turkey hat easily made with feathers and paper rolls:

Source: woohome.com

Or you can try this kind of turkey headband:

See the tutorial here: kidney-garden.blogspot.com

15. Leaf Yellow Foxes Card Craft:

16. Teepee Dirt Cups:

Check out the recipes here: icanteachmychild.com

17. Paper Plate Mayflower Craft:

See the tutorial for top project: uppityowl.blogspot.com Center project tutorial at: iheartcraftythings.com Bottom project tutorial: familymaven.io

18. Orange Paper Cutout Lovely Craft for Pets:

19. Make a Thanksgiving handprint tree craft:

See the tutorial here: craftsbyamanda.com

20. This cute pilgrim craft is made from paper plates and construction paper:

Find the full instructions here: allkidsnetwork.com

21. Little handprint turkey placemats are sure to add a touch of Thanksgiving spirit to your table decor:

Get the tutorial here: meaningfulmama.com

22. Tye Dye Coffee Filter Pumpkin:

See the instruction here: gluedtomycraftsblog.com

23. Use pencil erasers to stamp brown, orange, and yellow paint on a corn shaped white cardstock:

Tutorial at: fantasticfunandlearning.com

24. This adorable painted turkey is given depth and dimension when kiddos use a fork to paint:

Find the instructions here: iheartartsncrafts.com

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