Fun ABC Games and Alphabet Activities to Play Outdoor

Teaching the alphabet to preschool children doesn’t have to be boring and frustrating. The key is to find ideas that will excite children. For example, ABC games are a great idea to work on letter learning.The weather is warming up, through outdoor abc games and alphabet activities, children can learn better while enjoying the sun. If you are looking for these ideas, then have a look at the exciting ideas below!

#1. Outdoor Alphabet Learning Using Chalk and Rocks:

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#2. Ping-pong Balls Fishing for Alphabet Sounds Game:

See the instructions here:

#3. Write a Word on a Piece of Card Stock Paper, then Smooth Playdough Over the Marker Lines to Finish This Fun Finger Paint Letter Craft:

See the Instructions here:

#4. Splash a Sight Word with a Water Balloon:

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#5. A Fishing Alphabet Game Simply Using Paper Clips and A Magnet:

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#6. Bury Foam Alphabet Puzzle Pieces in The Dirt. Kids Would Love to Find The Letters and Dig Them From The Dirt:

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#7. Erase the ABCs in a quick and easy alphabet activity:

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#8. What will your kids learn outside with this ABCs hunt?

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#9. Outdoor play and learning with letter matching roads:

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#10. Grab the bug spray (aka water) and spray away those alphabet bugs:

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