A Dozen Terrific DIY Kids Toys Using PVC Tube

Thanks to its readily available, cheap and so versatile, PVC tubes can be used to create many fun crafts – kid’s toys are in it. All you need is a little imagination and perhaps some inspiration. Low-cost PVC tubes toys are easy to do and will guarantee in hours of fun. From DIY water and sand table to play teepee, tube wall and pipe xylophone instrument to race car or boat track, here’s PVC pipes toys sure to keep kids active and constructive during playing. Summer’s here, let the fun begin!

#1. PVC pipe children’s ball pit for a long time fun:

See the tutorial: empathyencompassed.com and  boymamarussell.wordpress.com

#2. Build an easy and inexpensive Nerf play zone from PVC pipe:

Image via: imgur.com

#3. Funnels and PVC pipes sensory play with water:

Similar project tutorial: mylifewithlittles.wordpress.com

#4. Toy car garage made out of PVC pipes and a wooden crate:

Similar “PVC Toy car garage” project found here: frugalfun4boys.com

#5. A reading Teepee created from PVC pipes and Tablecloths allows your kids to have a reading and quiet space:

Check out the full Instructions: importtestsite.wordpress.com

Tips: When it is set up in the yard, it is a good idea to use Foam Floor Tiles to create a cozy and dry floor.

#6. Plastic container or stainless steel recycled sink mounted on a PVC pipe base becomes fun water and sand table for children:

Image via: mypinkyfinger.blogspot.com   Get the full Instructions at: frugalfun4boys.com

#7. Homemade hurdles for kids of all sizes using PVC pipe:

See how to do: todayfitness.net

#8. Make a race car or boat track by cutting PVC in half vertically:

Image via: mymixofsix.blogspot.com


After cutting the conduit to sticker lengths, I cut them in half on my bandsaw, using a simple jig to hold the sticker in position (see photo, above). To keep the conduit from rotating during the cut, I follow a straight line drawn on its surface. To draw the line, I simply lay a flat board next
the conduit and use the board as a straightedge. - americanwoodworker.com

#9. Have cozy outdoor time or take a nap in this swing built from nylon webbing and pvc tubes:

See the full Instructions for Case 2: thenaughtymommy.com

The main different between the projects is the degree elbow. Case 1 uses 1-inch PVC 120 degree corners.

#10. Create adjustable PVC canopy sunshade for kids summer fun:

Image via: myhappycrazylife.com   See the full Instructions for top image here: thekreativelife.com

#11. Use a variety of PVC pipe connector and joints to build a fun tube wall:

See the more details at: kidsactivitiesblog.com

#12. Kids can bring music making outside with a pretty cool PVC pipe xylophone instrument:

similar project tutorial: frugalfun4boys.com

#13. Use inexpensive PVC pipe to make a sprinkler to play in when the days get hot:

Source Unknown.

#14. Create a perfect reading nook for your kids with PVC tubes:

Get the full Instructions at: angryjuliemonday.com and littlemisskimsclass.com

#15. Make a tunnel for the kid’s toy cars using PVC pipe, a few river rocks and some mulch:

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