26 Fun and Easy Activities and Crafts for Kids on Cold Winter Days

The cold winter has arrived and it will limit many outdoor activities, so for little kids it is best to have a backup plan. Otherwise you can imagine how frustrating your children will be because of the cold winter and being trapped indoors for several days. So I’ve been looking for fun indoor activities for your kids, take a look and share!

1. Use the base of a coffee table and some burlap and a staple gun to make a preschooler-appropriate sewing station:

See the full tutorial here: kleas.typepad.com

2. Blow up the balloons and place on the trash bag combo that taped on the wall by using painters tape to create the balloon avalanche:

Check out the full instructions at: simplykellydesigns.com

3. Make birdseed Christmas ornaments with cookie cutters:

Get the tutorial at: ehow.com

4. Build kid’s laser maze in the hallway just with some red crepe paper and some tape:

More details: brassyapple.com

5. Fun and simple marble maze made out of a cardboard box and some straws:

See the tutorial here: therapyfunzone.net

6. It is an interesting winter science experiment. Use colored water, pop bottle and string to create amazing colorful icicles:

Get the tutorial here: housingaforest.com

7. Paste the plastic ups on the edge of the kitchen island, then use the kitchen towel rolls to blow the snowball into the cup to play:

8. Use painter’s tape to make a spider web and scrunch paper into a ball to throw into the spider web. This sticky spider web activity is perfect for any doorway, hallway or other narrow place:

Full instructions at: handsonaswegrow.com

9. Very easy way to make a paper plate crown with your kids by using a flimsy paper plate:

See the full tutorial here: meaningfulmama.com

10. Fill the socks with rice to make a cute snowman:

11. Life-Size gingerbread house was built from 2 large refrigerator boxes and 2 dishwasher boxes from a local appliance store:

Get the instructions here: mrsgoffskinders.blogspot.com

12. Cut a pool noodle in half to make a marble track race:

13. Gather fresh snow, pour 1 can of Sweetened Condensed Milk…and 1 teaspoon of vanilla to make snow ice cream:

More details at: sugarpiefarmhouse.com

14. Hang a target for paper airplanes:

15. Pencil erasers and a marble make a fun bowling game:

See the more details at: frugalfun4boys.com

16. Make a town for Lego toys from cardboard:

More details: picklebums.com

17. Add washable liquid watercolors to the mix of snow. Your kid will enjoy the fun of “scoop the snow”:

More details: spotofteadesigns.com

18. Play with the slime ribbons scissors activity(the gorgeous ribbons of slime is so visually appealing):

Get the tutorial here: homegrownfriends.com

19. blow the polar bear into his den:

20. Great activity with children – learning about seeds, sprouts, and parts of a plant.

See the tutorial: communityplaythings.com Source: eklablog.com

21. Buy a long strip of bubble wrap at your local packing store and let your kids enjoy hours of fun!

22. Make a ring toss game with Paper plates and Cardboard tubes:

Check out the tutorial: fromabcstoacts.com and teach-me-mommy.com

23. Glue small colored paper squares on the black paper to create paper mosaics crafts:

See the more details at: chippewavalleyfamily.org

24. Making a bird feeder allow kids to dream of the outdoors without being out there on cold winter days.

Full instruction: onecrazymom.com

25. Fill the egg cartons wall with colorful pompoms to create interesting art for kids:

26. Tape up “Press’n Seal Wrap” on the window as canvas for kid’s “stained glass” art(use colored tissue paper):

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