15 Cute and Fun Play Garden Ideas for Kids

The warmer seasons are coming, so it’s time to get the gardening season off to a start with the kids. Are your children getting ready to spend more time in the garden? Creating a play garden with your kids will let them love staying outdoor. Play garden plus veggie and herb garden is a spot for the kids to claim completely as their own, to dig, plant, and explore over and over as they see fit. Where the children will fully experience nature and release their curiosity and creativity. Have a look these kid’s play garden ideas…

1. Build a fantastic fairy garden on the deck where kids could learn about how the plants grow:

See the image source: pinkandgreenmama.blogspot.com

2. Create A Critter-Proof and Kid-Sized Veggie Garden Out Of Wooden Pallets:

Get the full instructions at: momandherdrill.com

3. Road Bricks, A Mini Pond, and A Little Planting Corner, These Elements Make The Play Garden More Fun:

It’s so cool how she incorporated play props like those adorable cupcake liner flowers alongside the real thing.

4. When children play in the sand pit, they can take care of their little garden; they can observe the growth and harvest of the trellis peas and flowers:

See the Image Source: princessandthefrogblog.blogspot.com

5. Tepee Sandpit – When the bean stalks have taken over the tepee, it’ll be a great shady hide-out from the sun:

Check out the image source: momenttomomentdk.blogspot.com

6. Short on space? This wash bin garden would be perfect for you!

7. In the corner of the garden, use these wooden bendable fences to build a child play garden, where they can grow flowers, herbs and play:

8. When the climbing plants cover this adorable twig tunnel, the children will really like to play here:

9. Elevated garden boxes are perfect for getting the kids involved:

See the full instructions here: eclecticmomsense.com

10. Using Recycled Materials to Create A Quaint Little Town:

11. Plan a play area for kids by setting up a blackboard, hopscotch, sandpit and a flower and herbal garden:

Check out more details at: batonrouge.citymomsblog.com

12. In a corner of the backyard, build a dedicated play garden for kids to grow plants, enjoy sensory play and role play(gardening and cooking):

See the full instructions here: theimaginationtree.com

13. Digging area, mini veggie and herb garden all are the essential element of children’s gardens:

Check the image source: robynpopegardens.com

14. Teepee, colored pencils, stepping stones and raised garden bed…kids sure to love this magic play garden:

The more details at: princessandthepeadesign.blogspot.com

15. The bean house allows children to avoid the sun in the summer and set up a mud kitchen to play:

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